Ejaculation Falls is a performance where a group of people gather together to celebrate sexual diversity. It is an opportunity to share things regarding sex and sexuality that are often hidden or silenced in public discourse.
A dialogue comprised of different experiences, the performance leads its viewers to the other side of norms and collective notions. It invites us to examine sexuality's power and various dimensions, to give new words to the ways in which sexuality is spoken of. Ejaculation Falls is a place for questions, change, and the realisation of a more sex-positive world.

The performance  features six local,non-professional performers or "experts of experience" invited through an open call, who each bring their own perspective, questions and experiences to the work. The performers gather together with the audience for a picnic at the imaginary Ejaculation Falls, where they take the audience through the spectrum of gender, relationship forms and living as a sexual being through their own stories. At the end of the show, the audience is invited to a joint discussion with the working group and a sex therapist who has been supporting the working process. 

Ejaculation Falls is a concept work which has been presented  at the Baltic circle festival (joint production with Espoo City Theatre, Helsinki 2021) and Sick!-festival (in collaboration with Finnish Institute in London , Manchester 2022). 

Direction and dramaturgy: Essi Rossi
Sound design and music: Sarah Kivi
Scenography: Milla Martikainen
Costume design: Liisa Pesonen
Dramaturgy: Michelle Orenius
Local sex therapist and six performers